A claim for death benefits may only be filed by the following in the order of precedence:

  1. Surviving spouse;
  2. Surviving dependent legitimate children;
  3. Non-dependent legitimate and illegitimate children;
  4. Surviving parents;
  5. Surviving brothers and sisters

An application letter under oath shall be filed at the NAPOLCOM Regional Office having administrative jurisdiction of the unit assignment of the deceased PNP member.

A claim for death benefits shall be in writing and under oath (download here). The supporting documents shall include the following:

  1. Latest payslip or Certification of Last Salary Received issued by the PNP Finance Service;
  2. Updated Service Record issued by PNP DPRM;
  3. Death Certificate issued by the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA);
  4. Detailed Investigation Report of the Chief of Police or immediate supervisor as to circumstances or cause of death;
  5. Proofs of relationship of surviving legal heirs, if claimant is other than the surviving spouse or child, such as Birth Certificate of the claimant and other relevant documents;
  6. If the claim is filed by surviving parents or siblings, proofs must be submitted indicating that the deceased was single without any surviving child/children;
  7. Official receipts duly registered with the BIR for reasonable medical and hospitalization expenses, necessary and reasonable transportation and subsistence incurred on account of a service-connected death. Purchase of medicines shall be evidenced by doctor's prescription. In case of instant death, the claimant may file for reimbursement for necessary and reasonable expenses for the retrieval and/or transportation of the body of the deceased uniformed member of the PNP; and
  8. If the uniformed member of the PNP is married, the following documents issued by the PSA shall also be provided:
    • Advisory on Marriages of both husband and wife; and
    • Birth Certificates of husband and wife and Birth Certificates of surviving children, if any.

If the uniformed member of the PNP is single, the following documents issued by the PSA shall be provided:

    • Birth Certificate of the uniformed member of the PNP;
    • Certificate of No Marriage (CENOMAR);
    • Birth Certificates of the children of the deceased, if any; and
    • Marriage Contract of parents of the deceased, if married.

No fees shall be collected for this service.

Want to know more about this service? Download the full process matrix here.